We are 100% Committed to Safety

RHI Inc. takes safety very seriously. We are committed to ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, owners, and the general public. Our dedication goes beyond OSHA’s requirements.

Safety is more than training and reading safety manuals. It is an ongoing process that each employee must focus and improve upon each and every day.

We understand that educating our employees is preferable to taking risks or repeating mistakes. To that end, we designed our own in-house safety program. Our safety program emphasizes awareness, precautions, and common sense focused on the inherent dangers of our industry. 

Our employees undergo ongoing safety training and are equipped with personal protective equipment. Many hold specific safety certifications such as first aid and CPR. Our job sites are equipped with safety equipment, personal protective gear, and more. In addition, for your peace of mind, we also carry general liability insurance.