The Best Tools for the Job

RHI Flooring recently invested in state-of-the-art flooring preparation equipment that helps us work faster and more efficiently and allows us to pass the resulting savings on to our customers.

  • Terrco 4-Head Self Propelled Floor Grinders – These gear-driven wonders remove any chemical abatement from a surface in no time flat, boosting our Concrete Surface Profile and allowing newly installed materials to adhere properly. Other flooring companies may simply put materials into place and hope they stay put. Thanks to Terrco, whatever we stick down will bond. And with a grinding path of 36-inches, we can cover a lot of floor in a shorter amount of time.
  • Planetary 4-Head Grinders and Polishers with HEPA Vacs – More lightweight than the self-propelled Terrco grinders, our planetary tools provide nice, even ground coverage and uniform scratch patterns. Easily maneuvered due to their size, they are ideal for less aggressive jobs that are under tight deadlines. A HEPA filter catches silica particles, mitigating the risk of airborne dust particles.
  • Terminator Brand Battery Powered Floor Scrapers – These demo machines pack a punch. Hydraulically driven, these floor scrapers are equipped with a spring blade at the front that drops to the floor and completely removes whatever adhesive and debris remains. Prior to the invention of tools like these, carpet would manually have to be removed; an exhausting and time-consuming process that was not without its share of injuries. Our scrapers remove remnants from the floor in a flash. They are quicker, smoother, and safer – and allow our crews to devote the lion’s share of their time to installation, boosting our productivity and our clients’, as well.
  • Schibeci Tile Removal Milling Head for Bobcat/Schibeci Power Profiler Head and Dual Diesel or Electric Drive with HEPA Vac – This machine is a game-changer, and RHI is the only flooring company that has one. Silica dust is a huge health consideration throughout the flooring industry. OSHA is still pursuing solutions for this hazardous, inhalable substance that is created when tile is chipped and removed. Our latest tools from Schibeci allow our teams to remove tile in an enclosed environment, while milling everything off to a smooth, level surface. An attached HEPA vacuum and misting device ensures dust is completely contained and eliminated. Altogether, our investment allows us to complete 5,000 square feet of dust-free tile removal per night.

Safe, Secure Worksites for Faster Results

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we can now install new flooring for your commercial space overnight and have everything cleaned and ready for a return to service the following morning.

Our new tools allow us to do more work using fewer man hours, while reducing injuries to almost zero. This makes our team far more efficient and your project far more successful.

We Can Solve Your Flooring Problems.