Concrete Moisture Mitigation

Peeling, puckering, and blistering floors have become a common aggravation in the flooring industry. Tight timelines, fast track construction methods, an industry-wide switch to low VOC products, and lightweight mixes have led to an uptick in concrete moisture mitigation concerns over the last decade.

This unwanted moisture vapor can wreak havoc on your flooring finishes, resulting in an onslaught of damage, safety hazards, and mounting repair costs, and significantly impacting the end user.

RHI offers comprehensive commercial floor moisture mitigation services, including:

  • Epoxy Mitigation – epoxy coatings can be applied directly to the concrete, forming an encapsulating seal that prevents moisture vapor from escaping the slab.
  • Alternate Adhesive Systems that are moisture resistant
  • Moisture Testing to determine the extent of the problem.

RHI is a certified installer of Mapei and Ardex moisture mitigation products.  To learn more about these products and our installation process, watch this video.