Self-Leveling Flooring

RHI, Inc. specializes in self-leveling flooring that creates a perfectly smooth subsurface for various types of floor covering.

Our team preps all surfaces, guaranteeing a strong bond, and can provide both Gypsum Concrete and Cementitious underlays up to 4” thick. Installation is quick, efficient, and requires no troweling whatsoever. 

Our solutions are perfect for:

  • Commercial Spaces
  • Offices
  • Rentals
  • Basements

Solid Results in No Time, Flat

RHI’s crews excel in providing a perfectly even layer of self-leveling concrete underlayment that can repair damaged floors, correct uneven concrete, and smooth any dents or blemishes. Our floors are generally ready for use within hours of installation.

If you are in need of concrete floor leveling, contact RHI, Inc. today for details.